A realisation

Today I have made my wife very happy. She has always and I do mean always booked the holiday / vacations we have gone on. I have always been someone who has not seen the point of them really although I have always enjoyed them. I am not sure if it is because it is the first proper holiday as a family of four with our 2 young children or the fact that work has normally been something I constantly worry and think about. This is my actual job not my photography which I love. I have always worried about money ever since I was young and stressed about things I am unable to change and this was very much the case before we came away. This holiday has made me realise how importent it is to shut off from the pressures of everyday life once in a while. It has made me realise the that going away and planning for it is a wonderful goal and way to spend the money we set aside. To enjoy time with family without those pressures. I have come to realise in my 46th year that I am not a machine and that it is okay to admit I can't do everything. So I have told my wife today that I want to help her book our next holiday and that we can plan it and be excited together about it. She is over the moon as she usually finds my lack of interest frustrating and I cant wait to sit with her and flick through some brochures. Next holiday here we come.


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