Lifes little moments

I have come to the conclusion that life is short. Even though it might feel long. 70 80 90 100 years in the great scheme of things is nothing really. I have spent a lot of my life worrying about one thing or another and although it is importent to worry about some things. other things.......not so much. We need to appreciate the little moments. It really sounds a bit new age I know but it is really that easy.  Take tonight for instance. The kids are asleep and outside the summer is in full swing. Rather than plonk myself in front of the TV I thought I would sit out for 30 mins. The other day I took a 20 minute walk with our youngest in the pram it was great. 5 years ago we lost our collie dog and I used to moan about taking him out. Now I realise he was actually doing me a favour by taking me out. Enjoy the little moments then life wont go by so fast.

Time slips by

It has now been two weeks since we arrived back from our holiday. We have had one christening,  two house moves (family) and moved the office to the playroom and vice versa.
It has been busy. I have come up with a new idea for a short story which is about a Battle of Britain Hurricane pilot who gets shot down and wakes up in a cottage in the countryside. Where he is looked after by an old fellow,  who spends most of his day growing veg for the war effort,  and the district nurse.
I have a novel which has been ongoing for about 9 years which is approaching the finish line.
Photos have been taken but I have only posted one up to instagram that I am happy with. Do you need to feel relaxed to do work you are pleased with?
The rain is coming down but I have to say it is welcome. I do like a drop of rain.

Back home

There is nothing more wonderful than coming back home after being away. I find that I appreciate things more and see most things through fresh eyes. Yes work is still work and the daily grind will get to you after a while so, as you may have read in yesterdays blog, it is importent to reset, recharge and get away. It also helps that the sun is shining and we are due temperatures in the early 20's
On inspection of the greenhouse today our little bit of Rocket and dill have flourished since we have been away and we may have some rocket later in a salad. The cucumber and tomato plants were on the verge of being no more but they will be fine. We will hopefully be transplanting these seedlings later. I have also been teaching my daughter about the importent roll spiders play and we watched one wrapping up a fly. People are far too scared by them these days. Shame on low budget horror flicks.I know this is the 3rd post in as many days but I find myself with time before heading back to t…

A realisation

Today I have made my wife very happy. She has always and I do mean always booked the holiday / vacations we have gone on. I have always been someone who has not seen the point of them really although I have always enjoyed them. I am not sure if it is because it is the first proper holiday as a family of four with our 2 young children or the fact that work has normally been something I constantly worry and think about. This is my actual job not my photography which I love. I have always worried about money ever since I was young and stressed about things I am unable to change and this was very much the case before we came away. This holiday has made me realise how importent it is to shut off from the pressures of everyday life once in a while. It has made me realise the that going away and planning for it is a wonderful goal and way to spend the money we set aside. To enjoy time with family without those pressures. I have come to realise in my 46th year that I am not a machine and that…


As I lie here in bed on the last morning of my holiday I am looking forward to taking unusual, unique pictures and writing up about them. This will be dispersed with odd musings and places I find myself.
I hope that they will be enjoyable and maybe even read by someone. What a wonderful bonus that would be.
Things are starting to get a little crazy here now as the kids are awake and trying to wreck the good packing up we did last night. Time to get up.