Back home

There is nothing more wonderful than coming back home after being away. I find that I appreciate things more and see most things through fresh eyes. Yes work is still work and the daily grind will get to you after a while so, as you may have read in yesterdays blog, it is importent to reset, recharge and get away. It also helps that the sun is shining and we are due temperatures in the early 20's
On inspection of the greenhouse today our little bit of Rocket and dill have flourished since we have been away and we may have some rocket later in a salad. The cucumber and tomato plants were on the verge of being no more but they will be fine. We will hopefully be transplanting these seedlings later. I have also been teaching my daughter about the importent roll spiders play and we watched one wrapping up a fly. People are far too scared by them these days. Shame on low budget horror flicks.

I know this is the 3rd post in as many days but I find myself with time before heading back to the above mentioned daily grind and also the main aim of blog was to be accompanied by pictures. Not me just waffling on. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the May sunshine here in the uk and anywhere else you have some.


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